Versa Cut 60 Plasma Torch & Mig 250 Welder, REVIEW NOT GOOD

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    So, I got the set, cart and all, and was pretty impressed with it till I started to use it.

    First I started to use the Plasma Torch, I went and got a dessicant filter from Harbor Freight for $59 and mounted it to my cart, air hooked up, all ready to go. My first cut was great, a little wobbly from my unsteady hand but it cut well. I went to cut 1/2″ steel and its surely not as easy as they show in the videos but it cut. So, I wanted to add a few PSI to the air. I went to turn the regulator knob and with about a 1/2 turn it fell inside the machine. So, all I had was the ring that holds it into the face, that was not even tight from factory, barely even holding a thread. The torch works OK but I cant adjust air at all and it looks janky with a big hole in the front of the box I just bought.

    Also, the tips foul like crazy and you will blow through nozzles and consumnables, so if you order one plan to order plenty of nozzles and all as they go real quick and then it cuts like crap till you replace the consumables.

    Second, I started to use the welder. I get through a bead 1.5″ long that is beautiful. I stop to look at it. Go to resume, nothing, can’t get any arc. The OVERLOAD LIGHT IS ON. Go to the manual, what is this, I have a great 60A 240v welding outlet I have used with all my other stuff like my old lincoln AC stick welder. So, I know I have no power issue other than this welder. I can turn it off and the overload goes off. Turn on, try to weld and as soon as it makes an arc it stops, OVERLOAD LIGHT ON AGAIN.

    Look in the manual, nothing. Troubleshooting, no mention of what it means, what triggers it, and how to resolve it.

    I see a post from another guy from FRIDAY and he has same issue with no response here on the forum. They don’t show this in the slick videos of welding I didn’t see a light go off stopping any productive work from accomplishing.

    I hope to get a quick and decisive support response and after having good cuts and a real good looking weld, I see this COULD WORK. But so far its been very frustrating having parts falling off the cutter and the welder going down after its first bead.

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