Van Roof Rust Thru Problem

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    My ’79 van still has the tired, original paint and I’d like to get it repainted. It developed 2 rust spots which started out as rust bleeding through the paint from underneath. I sanded and treated them with Eastwood Rust Encapsolator and pretty much forgot about them for five months. Then I recently found more evidence of rust where it had been treated plus a new rust spot showing through the paint.

    The 2 areas are rusted completely through the metal. There’s no actual hole but the metal is rotten. One is a least 5/8″ long by 3/8″ across. The other is 3/8″ round.

    There is rigid, sprayed on urethane foam insulation, kind of like a Coleman ice chest, coating the whole underside of the roof – plus paneling, so the back side isn’t really accessible.

    What might be the best way to repair this?


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