valve cover has small blisters

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    Hi everyone, I just painted a dodge neon valve cover and after baking I had an area on the front of it they looks like small hard bubbles or blisters coming up. Can anyone help me identify what went wrong?

    1. degreased
    2. washed with water
    3. blasted with 70 aluminum oxide at 70-80 lbs
    4. used a scotch-bright disc on angle grinder to grind down rough casting marks
    5. sanded with 280 and then 500
    6. wiped down with acetone
    7. preheated part to 200
    8. removed part from oven
    9. sprayed with dual voltage hot coat gun
    9. watched for powder to melt
    10. baked at 400 for 20 minutes
    11. shut off oven
    12. cracked door on oven and cooled for 30 minutes
    13. removed part from oven

    could this be out-gassing?

    Air supply has two water traps and filters right after the compressors, and another in the paint room before the gun and one filter on the gun.


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