Valve cover from hell

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    Its an SR20DET from Japan.

    First, my racking wire broke and it dropped to the floor and broke a mounting ear.

    I bought a new replacement on ebay for $150 to take care of the guy.

    Put the chrome base on yesterday and while in the oven, the tape fell off and hit the burner, causing a small fire and black soot contamination on the part.

    Stripped it off and redid it.

    This morning, lint in the chrome coat. Sanded the bad areas, rechromed.

    Applied the candy blue, cured and sanded the letters.

    Preheated and clear coated. Candy is Caswell’s Lollipop, Clear is from Columbia. Apparently, the 2 don’t work well together, so now I have to strip it again and start from scratch! aarg! (not to mention this piece is the reason I bought my blast cabinet, and we know what that did to me!)

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