Value of two shutter fronts, please.

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    I’m sorry if this is seen as rude. I hate registering for a forum just to ask a question but you folks are definitely the ones with the knowledge to help me out. I promise if y’all just yell at me I’ll go away and not bother you anymore. If you could help me out and then yell at me that would be great.

    I just scored two antique shutter fronts. I’ve tried to do some research on them but haven’t found much about them. One is a Pines Winterfront Automatic Shutter. I know that Pines Winterfront made many trim parts for early Fords, including shutter fronts. The ones I’ve seen didn’t have the Pines badge on it like this one does. Is this because mine was from before they were stock items?

    The other is an Allen Shutter Front. The only references to them that I’ve been able to find are some vintage ads and a brochure on eBay. Those ads indicate that these were an aftermarket item.

    I’d like to know anything I can about these two items but in particular value. I do intend to sell these and would obviously like to get the best price possible while still being fair about it.

    This is an album I made with several photos of them. I hope that it’s oK to link to an imgur album. I had already created it for inquiries I’d made elsewhere and thought it would be simpler than posting them all here. If you’d prefer that I put photos directly in this thread then let me know and I will.

    Thank you,


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