Using POR 15 on a rusting truck floor

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    On my 92 Dodge. I have pulled up the carpet and insulation. Some spots are badly rusted. A couple spots actually rusted through. Couple 1/4 inch size holes. I use my truck for offroading so don’t expect perfection but want it done right. I am sanding away as much rust as possible and using liquid metal on the rusted through crack and two holes. I just received my Marine Clean, Prep & Ready and POR-15 in the mail. I thought I bought the whole system but reading the instructions. Maybe not. I was thinking it would go like this. Sand down the flooring as much as possible. Is firmly adhered paint ok? Then use the Marine Clean, then Prep & Ready followed by POR-15. I want to paint Herculiner on the floor. Skip the carpet. Is the Herculiner going to cause problems with the POR-15 and do I have to use a primer on top of the POR-15 before adding the liner? I would like to also say that I have never done this before but I’m pretty confident and very excited about doing it. I am interested in any and all suggestions, tips, and only doing it once. Thanks in advance.

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