using Original Chassis Black Satin Paint?

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    i had the frame thoroughly sandblasted down to bare metal. on the advise of a restoration specialist i primed with a self etching primer. i then sprayed one coat of the Original Chassis Black Satin Paint. i was not happy at all with how it went on. it was very thin and did not cover good and left a rough texture. the texture issue may have been because of the wrong type of paint gun. i thought 1 quart would do 2 coats and have paint left over. instead i had to order another quart. i tried for several weeks to get a hold of eastwood’s help guy to no avail.

    my questions are this.

    i now see in the fine print on the label that you are not supposed to use it over a self etching primer. i am not a paint guy and have no idea why this is a no no. well i already did apply over a self etching primer. is the paint going to fall off, not adhere or what. like to know what are the possible issues i am looking at? i hate to blast it down again at this point but if it is going to cause problems down the road, now is the time to do it.

    it has been many weeks since the first coat. the texture is still very rough. will the second coat adhere to the first ok, or will i have to rough it up more or do something similar?

    what paint gun and nozzle size works good on this thin paint? with my paint gun, the paint never ‘flowed’ and dried to a rough texture.

    this is my first experience with eastwood products and customer support. i must say that at this point, i am not impressed with either.

    thanks in advance for any helpful information.

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