Using EW Rust Converter with Rust Encapsulator and Epoxy Primer

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    Most of my 85 Van restoration rusted spot repairs involve a combination of pitted rust, light rust, clean bare metal, and paint. Since the instructions on the Rust Converter and Rust Encapsulator say to only use them on rusted metal, I’m wondering what is the best way to do the repair if I begin with the Rust Converter.

    Below is an outline of my approach. Please fill in the blanks
    or correct me if I’m going the wrong direction. Thanks!

    1.) Grind and wire brush the rusted area and remove as much paint as needed to prepare for applying body filler after the rusted areas are treated.

    2.) Make a mental note where the rusted Vs painted & non-rusted areas are.

    3.) Spray Eastwood Rust Converter over the entire spot repair area.

    4.) Allow to the Rust Converter to dry to the touch and apply a second coat.

    5.) Wait _____ hours and spray the entire spot repair area with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator.

    6.) Wait ____ hours and spray a second coat of Eastwood Rust Encapsulator.

    7.) Allow ____ hours for the Rust Encapsulator to dry.

    8.) Use a powered wire brush and/or sander to grind off the Rust Encapsulator on any non-rusted bare metal or painted areas.

    9.) Clean the entire spot repair area with Acetone and spray it with Epoxy Primer.

    10.) Apply body filler and continue repair as normal.

    How’s that sound?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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