Using a Hotcoat Gun On 240V/50Hz

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    This is a thread on one of the general forums but I wondered if anyone could help on this forum.
    I have a Hotcoat gun and I am using it on the UK mains supply which is 240V/50Hz through a transformer to step it down to 110V. This sorts out the voltage but not the frequency difference (50Hz Vs 60Hz). I have been told that this frequency difference will shorten the life of the unit.
    I understand that using equipment with electric motors on a lower frequency would slow that equipment down and possibly overheat it but as the hotcoat gun is electronic and no motors can anyone confirm that the frequency difference will harm it?
    Having had a peek inside the “Black Box” I see that there are a number of unused spade connectors on the “brains” of the unit and was wondering if the unit was designed to be used on different voltages/frequencies by adjusting which spade terminal the mains feed goes onto ? :confused: or is it just wishful thinking.
    Has anyone ever dug apart the gubbins (sorry Brit slang for workings) of a hotcoat gun?

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