Use Eatwood prodoucts in proper order

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    Its finally time to get my 71 chevelle painted. Ive spent the last year replacing some body panels and using a DA to remove rust and then covered with a rattle can till I had time to put down good paint.
    Anyway here is my plan please correct me if im wrong…
    -media blast to bare metal
    -use fast etch (19418 ZP) just in case
    -use Pre Painting Prep (10594 ZP)
    -Use 2k epoxy primer from kit (11278 ZP)
    -block, use rage evercoat filler where needed (12712 ZP???I think)
    -1 more coat of 2k epoxy primer
    -Top coat (still kit 11278 ZP)

    Is there cure time between each of the above steps?

    I plan to do each panel one at a time (time constraints) and leave in Primer till I can do the top coat all at once, is this ok?? Car will be stored in covered car port and will not see any rain. If Don’t have to paint top coat right away how long can I wait?

    I did buy new doors that came black (pretty typical I think) one had a small dent in it.

    Should I scuff the “factory” paint, lay primer, then filler, then primer or do I have to take it to bare metal?

    Please correct me as you see fit!!
    Thanks in advance for all your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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