URGENT HELP, EW black Chrome, quantity for rims

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    Hey guys

    First time posting here on EW. Im a Powder Coating n00b so forgive these question

    I bought some EW black chrome powder that im getting a shop to spray my highly polished, forged, 19inch, aluminum rims. Im applying it as a top coat, no based coat or clear will be used.

    Now quesiton

    how much powder is needed for a set of 19inch rims? I ordered 2lbs of material as per advice from guys on powder365.com forum. (but that forum seems to have been reset, all past info has vanished). My powder coater here says its not enough to fully coat 4 rims. He says i need around 0.8-0.9 pounds of power for each wheel equating to almost 4 pounds of powder for a set of 4 rims.
    How much of this powder do u guys think u would for each 19inch wheel?

    also just to check, from Eastwoods product info:
    from EW website; curing is at 400degF and 20 mins after flow out

    do u guys have any other info to add on to this?

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