Urethane Paint – Screw up

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    So, I decided to tackle my first paint job. Subject is my roadrace/hillclimb car (SCCA ITA Dodge Neon), complete with peeling factory paint and a very poorly ( as in BBQ grill paint) painted hood and deck lid.

    Body work was done, and all of the “bad” paint removed, with the good areas scuffed well. Laid down EW Epoxy Primer and then 2 coats of 2k Urethane Primer. Wet sanded, and started spraying. All removable panels (hood, doors, fenders, trunk) were done separately from the chassis.

    Chassis is in paint (EW Urethane, no clear) and looks great. I put 3 doors in my booth tonight and started spraying, same setup as yesterday when I did the chassis.

    Runs on 2 doors, and a small puddle on the 3rd. Culprit? Forgot to actually stir the paint and activator together. I just poured them into my graduated mixer and then strained into the gun.


    Do I need to take this all the way down to primer? I’m guessing that I’ll likely sand through some of the primer when I’m sanding off the paint. What grit should I start with? There’s about one (and in some places, 1.5) medium wet coats of actual paint on top. Is 1 day enough for this to dry, or will it take longer?

    If I do hit past the primer in some areas – is just epoxy primer fine at this point and then paint?

    It doesn’t need to look like a show car. Good from 10′ is wayyy fine enough for something that will likely have some bruises before the end of this season.


    – Deflated (after the success of the chassis) in Pittsburgh.

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