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    I haven’t done any painting in years, and recently got a shock from my PPG dealer……..$190.00 for a gallon of K36 primer? 200.00 for a quart of gloss black single stage with hardener and reducer?
    This makes your urethane paint pages look attractive. My latest catalog shows a 4 step system for urethane paint. I have some questions. 1. Are you recommending I do all 4 steps, or can I just shoot a coat of epoxy primer and then the Urethane paint. 2. Do you recommend a coat of clear on all the Urethane paints? 3. Will the paint stand up to sunlight/UV rays? I’m planning to paint a car trailer that sits outside 24/7. I’d like to do it and not have a problem with the paint for years after. 4. Do I have to strip the trailer to bare metal, or can I scuff and shoot?

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