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    Just curious to hear some stories of odd (alternative) ways people have found solutions to problems. Here is my most current one. I am sand blasting a 50’s truck frame basically a rolling chasis only. I dont have huge blasting equipment, it will take about 10 hours to completly strip this frame top to bottom. Previously when doing the underside of a frame, I would put it on jack stands and lay on the ground to do the blasting. This sucked. So my solution is to hook my cherry picker (engine hoist) to one side of the frame and stand the frame on its side. Its not as cool as a rotiserrie, but it works for me. My disclaimer is “This is something I do and if you try anything like it you do it at your own rsk.” Right now some of you are thinking to yourself “I can top it”. I hope there are some good stories out there.

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