Undercoating system product compatibility?

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    Hello, recently purchased a few items and am working on an 86 Trans Am. Car is in body shop having some welding/rust patches done. I will be taking it over and doing the labor intensive stuff to get ready to paint.

    Im a little baffled by the different types of rust repair products that Eastwood offers. I get the impression that the Rust Converter/Encapsulator is the top of the line so I bought some of each. I also see that the HD Anti-Rust says it has capillary action and soaks into rust.

    Areas that need attention are the rear quarter panels from inside. Also floorpan/rocker panel pinchwelds and door pinchwelds. There is some rust along all these seams. I was a bit worried, but body man says it’ll be OK with using some rust preventative stuff.

    Looks like the undercoating system gun would be nice to get back in those places, but I probably can with a brush also. Any advice/clarification on the products? And can the undercoating system spray the Coverter/Encapsulator combo?

    Thanks for your time,
    Boone, NC

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