Undercoating Problem (truck Frame)

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    Hi guys, excellent forum! I undercoated & detailed the frame and undercarrage of my 69 chev truck a few years back. I went over it with many wire wheel brushes on a drill and used @ 10 spray cans of undercoating. I recently transported my truck on a flat deck car trailer this winter and got all the slush and dirt from the road conditions all over the underside of the truck. I promptly washed the frame & underside off with a hose but now there are rust spots all over the surface of the undercoating. Whats the best way to handle this? Should I just wash it by hand with soap & water as best I can (to make sure there is no salt on it) and put one more topcoat of undercoating on it? Or should I totally redo it, and how do you get the old undercoating off? Thanks

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