Undercoating Issue

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    I recently purchased a vehicle that had a few miles acquired in the rust belt. It’s a 2011 2500 Chevy and it had 50K miles on it. When I did my first oil change i noticed some of the undercoating (body mount location) flaking. As I peeled it back it revealed some surface rust that looked to be accelerated by the poorly adhering undercoating. So i now realize the undercoating was actually applied by the dealer right before the sale for cosmetic purposes. What to do now? I tried removing it from the vertical surfaces and really couldn’t. The stuff I scraped away reveled a decent surface along long flat vertical stretches. However, all the body mount and cross members look to be a problem. What would you guys do?

    I thought I would use a needle scaler and work off what I could, then treat the internals (boxed frame) with the eastwood internal zinc phos and the inside hinted of corrosion also. Just not sure how to go about taking care of this one. Thanks for any advice.

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