Undercoating Blues

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    Can someone give me some good advice. When my car was repainted my friend also undercoated the undercarriage. I recently checked the underside for the hell of it and noticed all the undercoating is flaking off. Looks like he undercoated on top of all the road grime and mud that was there at one time. Shouldn’t this of been powerwashed first??? Also while flaking and peeling off this undercoating he must of sprayed something else first, there is a green like sticky soft substance beneath the undercoating that is still tacky(FEELS LIKE BUBBLE GUM) after 3 years. Can someone please tell me what went wrong. My other friend says it sounds like there was water in the air line which got into the undercoating gun. I can’t win with this 11 year battle. I want to do the right thing, i want the metal on the underside to look good and last a long time. What products from Eastwood would strip the old undercoating with ease, and what other products would help rust proof the metal and paint them nicely to a semi gloss finish( not too shiney and not too flat).
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dariusz A.K.A. TINY

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