Undercarriage Coating

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    Hi there…

    I’ve got a 91 Talon that I’m currently “restoring” as much as I can and I’m getting ready to coat the undercarriage…

    The chassis is being sandblasted and all of the undercoating is being removed (I don’t want to use rubberized undercoating).

    I’ve seen mixed opinions on what to use, so I figured I’d come here. Keep in mind I don’t have a rotisserie or anything so it needs to be something I can essentially apply upside-down.

    I heard rust encapsulator/Extreme Chassis Black would work good, but then I heard chassis black primer is better to use on clean/bare metal than encapsulator… Would that be the way to go? I’m looking for something that’ll last a while and not rust through.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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