uncurable parts?

Posted: October 29, 2006 By: 2003z

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    Anyone ever not able to cure something?

    I’m working with Columbias neon orange.

    One batch of parts, the aluminum calipers cured just fine. Normal cure cycle, 395 for 20 minutes after temp.

    The steel brackets are another story. When I pulled them out after the same cure, one slid into the other, and when I separated them, I got a string of sticky powder that came off. The powder was still gummy. I put them back in for an extra 10 minutes and let cool. When I took the masking tape off of them, it flaked like uncured powder, so I ran them through another cure cycle, but this time 30 minutes after getting up to temp, and they were still gummy. I’m giving them 30 more minutes, although I don’t think it will help.

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