Type of fresh air hood/mask protection

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    I’m planning to paint my Cobra replica with urethane (I sure miss the good old lacquer days) and since I’m getting up in years and don’t want to spare any, I’m planning to get an Axis fresh air system with 80 ft. of hose. Question is – they offer both the full face mask and the full hood units and I’m not sure which one would be best. I know I don’t want the half-face unit because I wear glasses and would like the protection for my eyes and from the chemicals. Even with a full face mask I would wear a tyvek hood. The hood seems like it would be more comfortable possibly work better with glasses wearers – and it’s a little cheaper to boot. But, for $100, if the full face mask unit is the ultimate protection, even over a hood, that’s the way I would want to go.

    Any advise on which one is safer? I’m going to build a PVC enclosure and ventilate it with fans and filters.



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