Two tone paint question – Eastwood Urethane single stage

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    So I will soon be using Eastwood single stage urethane paint to paint my truck. I have used various different paint brands in the past and so far I am fairly impressed with the Eastwood paint.

    I am looking for some feedback before I start with my two tone paint job. I recently painted my vent window channels with the urethane gloss black. I let them set for two days then started reassembly when I did I put masking tape on them to protect the freshly painted surface. When I removed the tape it had destroyed the paint job. It almost looked like the tape adhesive had absorbed into the paint. No amount of wet sanding or buffing would bring it back. This tape was only on for less than 30 minutes. I will admit I did a dumb thing and used just normal 3M masking tape from Lowes.

    When I two tone the body I will be using thin line plastic tape and some of the Eastwood Norton tape. Has anyone else ever had this issue? I know I need to paint my second color in the 18 hour window but I am concerned it will do the same thing again on the body.

    How long is everyone waiting before masking off for a second color using this paint?

    Any other advice with the Eastwood single stage paint doing a two tone?

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