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    I have a polished stainless rod that I want to blast a graphic onto. I am brand new to sand blasting and have only a table type blaster and aluminum oxide.

    First, is AO enough to cut a visible pattern (kind of satin is what I am looking for) in stainless? If not, what should I get.

    Secondly and this is probably most important… what can I use as a stencil to protect the rest of the tube? I thought about taping it up, transfering the graphic and then cutting it off, but that would be hard to do without scratching it AND what kind of tape would stand up to it and still give me a sharp edge?

    Is there a product that I can use for this type of application or am I going to have to do the duct tape thing? FYI I only need a piece roughly 3″x7″ so it’s not like a whole graphic for the side of a car or anything.

    I’d appreciate any advice.

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