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Posted: October 25, 2006 By: nutinbutford

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    I made a rookie attempt at applying two colors on a donor valve cover. Now that I have the test, thought I might run it past the group here to see about a lesson.

    After purchasing a stencil I was told would withstand the heat and could be peeled off later, I put on a base color of dark blue. Once it cured and cooled I applied the stencil relief, masked it off, and applied gloss white powder. Long story short, it’s a mess. The decal melted and left a yellowing mark on the base color while some of the decal flowed into the second color.

    Other than obviously the wrong stencil material, anyone have some advise on how this should be done? I’m hoping to customize the valve covers on the pickup I’m restoring. For now…off to the sandblast cabinet to prepare for another try.


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