Two Basecoat/Clearcoat Questions

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    I plan on using Eastwood urethane basecoast/clearcoat for a restoration project I’m working on (my first car that I’ve had since ’86, since everyone here is a “car guy”).

    I’m planning on using basecoats in boulevard black and blue pearl, of course topped in clear.

    Two questions:

    1) The blue will be a racing stripe feature. Any advice on recoat times, sanding of bottom layer, other suggestions? The challenge of course is shooting the bottom color, masking after some dry time but before the recoat time…

    2) I’d really like a metallic black, but I want to stay with the same paint “system”. Can I add a generic metal flake additive to the boulevard black?

    The paint scheme on this car will be black with a blue racing stripe arrow, something like the 1960s Team Surtees Lola T-70s.

    Thanks for any advice. I’ve used Eastwood products for years.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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