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    Well this bites.

    Two weeks ago I get laid off, so while looking for a new job I’ve been trying to get caught up on projects, etc around the house and in the shop. Remodeling a bath and putting a timing belt on the Miata to name a few. Anyway I thought maybe I would take a shot and try to earn some extra cash with PC. I’ve done things for myself and friends and family, anyway I post on Craigslist for work and an architecture firm contacts me about doing 97 pieces of conduit. Problem is they are 10′ sections 😮 Maybe I can cut a hole in the back of my oven and slow feed the tubes through to bake them bit by bit. :p I do have an infrared light but that would take forever to do.

    So advertising worked, just too good. What would you guys charge for said project-those that can handle 10′ lengths?

    If there is anyone in St. Louis on here that can handle this job let me know ASAP.

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