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    Naptown Pete

    We have an older Eastwood tubing roller that lacks the 1″ roller wheel mandrels we need for a project.
    The online catalogue doesn’t have a photo of the machine we have, but it has a 2-foot blue hand driver wheel, frame made from 1/2″ aluminum plate. The wheel drive a chain sprocket on 3/4″ shafts, and the 3 roller wheel mandrels are about 6″ diameter.
    The lower pair of driver wheels have the 3/4″ shafts, and the top wheel is the adjuster driven down with a 1″ threaded shaft.
    No part numbers are written on the unit, except for the part numbers on the sprockets.

    Does anyone have an idea if a set of 1-inch roller wheel mandrels are available?
    I tried calling, but when switched to a technician, the voice mailbox was full…
    I’ll post a photo if needed.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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