Trucks! Episode – Glass Polishing – 65 Mustang Quarter Window

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    Hi Kevin,

    After watching your Trucks! episode a few weeks ago where you polished the glass on the classic truck, I ordered the deep scratch kit.

    I bought the deep scratch kit with the Trizact micro disc.

    This is on the quarter windows of a 65 mustang coupe.

    I was able to remove the deep scratches and pitting, but having difficulting getting a clear final finish with the polishing compound.

    I have alot of swirl marks and haze.

    How wet or dry does it need to be when polishing? I tried it dry like the consistency of peanut butter, but also tried misting a little water on it while buffing to keep it more wet.

    Either way, same swirl mark type results.

    Any tips would be appreciated it.

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