Troublesome second coats

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    Hhello everyone, first off I want to say that this is a great place for a newbie like myself to learn about this hobby, all of you are very helpful and the information posted here is fantastic. Powder coating has always interested me and i am very excited to finally be giving it a try. I have only had my hobby gun a few weeks and I am having pretty good results for the most part, already done some engine parts for a friend and just word of mouth has now got people wanting price quotes for everything from intakes to wheels, but I know that I have a lot more to learn before I start tackling bigger jobs. I have a few questions that I hope someone here can help me out with… First off I was wondering about clearcoats… is clearcoat recomended on top of all PC jobs? I undersand the added protection and the need for it on the chrome coats , but is it always something I should follow up with? and that brings me to getting the second coats to stick…I have been having alot of trouble with this, especially the candy or translucent colors over chrome but clear also doesnt want to stick very well. Is this a common problem with the hobby gun? I have read several posts on how to remedy this but have had little luck so far. Thanks again to everyone for all thier great advice !

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