trouble with ss chrome and trans red

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    i have a chevy oil pan that a friend wants me to powdercoat for for him. he wants a s s chrome and then a trans red.. i have been practicing on scrap metal and i cant seem to get it to look as smooth looking as i want it to look. it has a orange peel look to it.. to be honest ever color that i have used has a orange peel look to it.. i have took a lot of pains in making sure the air is clean and dry.. i also make sure the gun is clean. the only powder that dont give me any trouble is the black wrinkle.. i did some parts on my harley in blk wrinkle and they look great.. im going to do the oil pan for free but i want it to look as good as i can.. i do not have a sand blaster so i was going to strip the paint off of it and clean it up really good and coat it.. what are the correct steps i should take to get a nice looking finished product.. thanks for any help you guys may have…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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