Trouble With Fast Etch on Surface Rust

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    I posted on this forum a few weeks ago asking about the best way to go about getting rid of surface rust chemically. I was told to use Fast Etch: Apply one, let sit, wipe it off with more fast etch, then apply more fast etch again letting it sit overnight. I did this, then let it sit for 2 nights (didn’t get back to it after just 1 night). Now i tried to go back and wipe off the fast etch with the help of Pre (the painting prep aerosal can) but it wouldn’t wipe off. So i scraped it off using a putty knife. The problem is that it still has kind of a white coating on top. I tried hitting it with a wire wheel on a grinder again and it took off the white stuff but the metal underneath is still sort of rust coloured. Am i doing something wrong?
    I’ve attached a picture of the hood i’ve been testing this out on. You can see in the picture where i’ve hit it with the wire wheel (2 spots) There are 2 spots i hit because there were 2 sections i tried fast ethc on, one was after wire wheel plus a lot of sanding, the other was after just wire wheeling.
    Is there a step I’m missing? Or have a done a step wrong?
    Also, i was back on the site looking at other rust products and came across your Gel Rust Dissolver, and the picture attached to it showed it being used on a panel that had similar rust as mine. I was wondering if maybe I should use this instead of fast etch? I’ve attached a picture of what my panel looks like after taking a wire wheel to it for reference.
    Any Help would be greatly sppreciated!
    Thank You 🙂

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