Trouble with Candy powder

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    Hey guys whats goin on im new to the whole powdercoating thing but i figured you guys would be able to help me out. A friend of mine would like me to coat his wheels with a candy red. I attempted to coat one lastnight after prepping the wheel of course and it was all goin good until i went to put on the candy red. The wheels where not factory chrome so i had to lay down a chrome base coat which came out awesome and after it cured i removed the wheel from the oven and let it cool to about 180 degrees and then attempted to spray the candy red but it only seemed to stick evenly to half the wheel so after it cured in the oven i ended up with half the wheel looking awesone and the other half coated unevenly. So my question is does anyone know any tips or tricks to getting an even coat with candy powder?

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