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    Last night I was playing around with the single stage chrome. First I shot a couple parts from my engine. I shot them cold, then baked for 20 minutes after flowout @ 400. They came out good, but with a little orange peel. For where these parts are going, it’s perfectly acceptable, so i’m happy. Next thing on the list were the cosmetic plates that go around the throttle/shifter controls on our boat. These were origionally chrome plated, but after ~20 years, they were pretty corroded.

    Since these parts are going to be very visible, I wanted to minimize orange peel as much as possible. I decided to try doing 2 light coats to see if that helped with the orange peel. I shot the first coat pretty light, although one plate got coated pretty well. I baked them for 10 minutes after flowout @ 375, then took them back out shoot hot for the second coat. When i took them out, none had any orange peel at all. The three plates that got coated lighter had a satin finish, but the one that was shot a little heavier was pretty shiny. I figured the dull finish on the other 3 was due to the light coat.

    While shooting them hot, the powder initially flowed out on contact, but then it started to cling and flow out. I threw them back in the oven @ 375 but they never really flowed out smooth.

    My dad took them out of the oven last night, and this morning I looked at them. They’re fully covered(no light spots, ect), but the finish is a little dull and it had a texture to it. The texture resembles how the powder looks before it flows out.

    Is it possible that the powder melted, then cured before it had a chance to flow out? I feel that i put enough powder on while shooting hot, but if i didn’t put enough on, would it not flow out smooth?

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