Tri-Con 9000 Coating Applicator problems

Posted: October 3, 2006 By: gmlady

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    Hi there,

    I used the gun today to spray the heavy duty anti-rust inside the boxed portion of my frame. A couple of problems…I was under the impression the quart can of heavy duty anti rust was supposed to screw right onto the spray head assembly. This was not the case, as the tube on the assembly was too long for the can. So, I had to pour the contents into the bottle that came along with the outfit. That was not so bad, but I do have questions about my number two problem. The spray gun I received is only able to screw onto the spray head assembly one rotation….not near enough to hold the two together. Needless to say, I had problems with trying to keep the the two together. The bottle of anti rust kept falling off from the gun causing major frustration. Trying to hold the two together made for problems trying to paint my frame the way I need to. If this problem was corrected, I’d have no problems with the product, but this is a major problem when trying to apply the anti rust or any product correctly. Did I receive a bad applicator or are they all like this? If I received a bad one, can I return it for a better one? Thanks!

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