Translucent/Candy Orange???

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    Hey guys, I have a buddy who wants some stuff on his car done in a translucent or candy orange becauase it closely matches the color of the car.

    My question is, How do you guys spray this stuff so that it comes out the right color? I’ve read a lot on here about guys not getting the desired color out of this. What is the best base to use? What is the proper technique for spraying this color?

    Here are 2 pics. The first one is of the upper engine mount that he wants redone coz it was painted (even though he had been told it was powdered), and chipped easily when he put it in. The mount is the orange piece to the left of the engine.

    The 2nd pic is of the car itself to see the color. The color in actuality is very close to the color shown for the orange powder in question.

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