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    Been trying to do some coating using a Translucent metallic gold over a chrome base with some interesting results. The chrome base goes on great, nice and even and smooth. The Translucent though I am having a hard time getting the results I want.

    When I spray the gold translucent the first coast is barely visible. It’s more of a clear coat than anything. I tried a second very heavy coat and it’s got the color I’m looking for but in bright light it looks washed out and you can see through to the chrome base. I then tried a third heavy coat and the coverage is good but the color has changed from gold to more mustard.

    The effect I’m going for is goldtranslucentmailbox.jpg

    but I am really having a hard time with it.

    I was wondering if some gold flake in it would help? I like the look of flake and I’m using the gold as accent on a burgundy metallic car that has gold flake in the paint so I think it will work well.

    Any suggestions comments or tips? I’ll post pics of the two coated pieces later.


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