toxicity of powder coating

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    So what is the toxicity of cured powder coating? I mean, if you use a regular household oven for curing, “they” say not to ever use it for food again. Consider the PC in the oven will be “cured”, does it matter? is it the fumes?

    And what about other objects, such as eating utensils-knives, forks, spoons? These get put in peoples mouths.
    How about dinnerware? I don’t know of anyone outside of the military maybe that uses metal dinnerware though.

    AND this is what prompted me to ask this question, finally, what about body jewelry? I had one guy ask me if body jewelry could be coated (“yes, but…”). Would PC be affected by blood and other body fluids of a new piercing, or would it be restricted to healed piercings where it only comes in contact with skin, or not at all??

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