Toxic Fumes from Cured Powder?

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    Hey guys, I need some help. I have a customer who has sleep apnea and they have a machine that helps them breathe at night. This machine has a small lightly heated humidifier. The water tank for this thing has an aluminum bottom that is detachable. These tanks are like $130.00 a piece and only last 6 months due to water sediments pitting the metal and creating holes. This aluminum plate has a silicone seal embedded into it. I think it will withstand the heat of curing. My question is since the people who have these breathe the air that is humidified in this tank, can I powder it with clear? Will the powder emit any harmful gasses or fumes when heated to say about 98 – 125 degrees? My thought is that a coated bottom plate would last forever. It could be blasted clean and re-powdered if needed.

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