Total repaint? Cautionary tale? :’)

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    So like many before me I ended up going with a body shop I knew little about but the price fit my budget. To be fair to myself and the shop I did check out some previous work and it was good. The problems started later with missed ( by a mile) deadlines and what I found out later was that the painter who’s work I saw left the business after some issues. Anyway, long story short they had most of the money and I wanted the car painted, so it was done. At that point it had been shot twice – first one was crappy and I just had to remove it from the shop ( before someone had a mishap ), looked decent when I picked it up but now where it had a quarter done long ago it seems the filler may have sunk? I can toss up some pics but it is pretty hard to get a photo. Anyway I don’t have the cash for another paint job but the car is still currently in pieces. The car is a 1970 Trans Am, Lucerne Blue – which is a light blue metallic – I believe it is Muslanne Blue in GM color. My question is at this point is it better to do a complete repaint or try to have it repaired? I have not painted before but I’m willing to give it a go. And is it better to paint the car assembled or in pieces as it is now?


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