Topcoating your Epoxy Primer

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    I know that multiple coats of Epoxy should usually be painted within 1 or 2 days of each other (depending on temperature) in order to get a chemical bond (rather than just sanding for a mechanical bond.)

    But what about when I topcoat it with OTHER paints and or fillers? I have some of your Evercoat G2 Feather Fill that I want to spray over the Epoxy Primer. Should I wait a few days for a full cure of the Epoxy before spraying the G2, or would it be better to overcoat with G2 the next day before the Primer is fully cured, so that I can get a better bond?

    My basic plan is this:
    Strip to bare metal
    Treat with your Fast Etch
    Paint a coat or two of your Epoxy
    Level things out with the Evercoat G2 (and some filler in the worst spots)
    Seal that with your Epoxy Primer
    Topcoat with the color

    And come to thing of it, I have a second question and that is: how much should I thin your Epoxy to get it to act best as a sealer (at the sealer phase) before topcoating with color? And should I wait for a full cure before applying the color topcoat? My paint gun sprays the epoxy just fine so far without any thinner, if that makes any difference.

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