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    twk 75 TR6

    HI guys, I am sure this has been asked a thousand times over but here it goes. What are the differences between the various types of topcoats, pros, cons and what ever else a person would need to know to make a choice. Also a shopping list for the correct reducers, additives and so on for which type of topcoats.

    The end product is to be a fun driver that when I am to old to play/drive I can put on the fire place mantel, NOT a concours show trailer queen. For myself I will be working in a home shop, with out a spay booth but will tarp off an enclosed area.

    For the finish I am thinking about using the tintable truck bed coating for under the body tub, inner fender wells, back side if fenders, (inside car) the floor pans and spare tire tub. Should the body tub get the its topcoat (with just overlap where the bed liner will be) then the bed liner? Or should I bed liner and then topcoat? Would there be an adhesion problem with the top coat to the bed liner. The tub is still off the frame. The final topcoat would be after the tub is back on the frame along with fenders and so on.

    For equipment I have is a 12 gallon 1 hp 7.3 scfm @ 40 psi & 6 scfm @ 90 psi and I have an older Astro siphon gun with a 1.7 MM nozzle which may work for primer. Was looking at one of the HVLP DeVilbiss kits. I read in one of the treats Eastwood was looking to have a LVLP gun available, haven’t seen it and what’s the difference.

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