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    Anyone know about toaster ovens? I’ve been doing small parts with good success in them. I need to do a larger part (swing arm on a bike) and decided to try to build a cheap oven (I don’t have 220 in my shop). I took an old upright freezer – 2X2X5.5 and stripped it to metal for the box. covered it in insulation. Cut a toaster oven up to use the heating elements and controls. It managed to get it to 270 degrees in 15 min. and stayed there for an hour. I then did the same with a 2nd toaster oven (I have several separate 110 circuits). It only got it to 360 with both of them. Makes no sense to me, but then I know nothing about electric.

    So the question – do these toaster ovens have a built in thermostat that will shut them down or turn them down? How can I over come this. I thought with 8 elements it would take me to my desired 400.

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