To paint or not to paint

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    Enjoy your show. I am involved with a restoration. I’ll tell you up front, I am not a pro at body work. It’s a hobby and takes me 5 times longer to complete a task, but it seems to turn out good. I had no issue replacing the quarters, welding etc, but I have always steered clear of painting. This is a budget build, don’t plan to show it, but I do care what is looks like. I am currently blocking the panels, again taking way too long, but its turning out good.

    I am having a hard time spending what the shops want to put a base and clear coat on the car. I hear how easy some of the single stage paints are to apply. Eastwood, Dupli-Color etc. Don’t think I would attempt a base clear coat job without a booth. I read other reviews on the single stage stuff. Opinions are all over the place. What is you opinion on quality, durability, etc of single stage paint systems? Or should I suck it up and spend the money for a base clear coat?

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