Tips on restoration of Charger Grille

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    I am restoring a 69 Dodge Charger R/T. Presently, I am working the front grille. There are 3 plastic moldings associated w/the grille and each needs various repairs then refinishing.

    My primary questions are:

    1. What’s the prescribed way to repair cracks in this 69 vintage plastic? These cracks look like tears and can be wiggled around, but it’s not like the thing is broken in half or smashed. (Maybe I’ve been cobbling, but have used JB Weld with apparent adequate results. However, the stuff has not yet been subjected to abused, time, heat/cold cycling, etc.) :rolleyes:

    2. The same plastic units have some raised plastic bosses that are used to attach to the metal frame/weldment that holds everything together as an assembly. Most of these bosses have been structurally cracked … they were not too robust to start with. Suggestions on their repair? :confused:

    3. Is there a prescribed refinish procedure for these type of plastic moldings? i.e., removal of old paint in the hard to reach places of these moldings, surface preparation, priming, paint? 😮

    Thanks for any tips, suggestions, insight.

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