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    This will be a little different than most of the posts on here. This is going to showcase something else you can do with our products. Now one of my hobbies other than cars and motorcycles is watches. I had an old Swiss Military watch from when I was in Junior high school that has seen better days. As you can see in the first picture the plating was worn completely off the raised sections of the bezel. So I started off by smoothing them out with some high grit sand paper.


    Now the next step of the process was to soak the part in our Fast etch to make sure the part was ready for the Plating bath. Once you are done with this step you will rinse the part with water before placing it into the plating bath.


    Now the part was allowed to sit in the plating solution for four minutes to build up the plating to the correct thickness. I actually did this twice since the first time I did not get enough plating on the part. You will inevitably have the same thing happen at least once while you are learning.


    With the part removed from the solution you can see the plating has been a success and will need to be polished to show the real beauty of the part you have just plated.


    I then spent a little time and some elbow grease to hand polish the part with the included tube of Autosol metal polish. You can see the results were astounding compared to what the bezel used to look like. This was all done by hand since power buffing is not recommended for this plating.


    I hope this post will inspire some of you to try something new with some of our products. Now I just need to get a battery and possibly a new crystal before the watch goes back together.

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