Timing Chain & Bump in Reverse

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    I have a couple of questions the first deals with timing. I recently purchased a older car last year. The car has sat for about three years with much TLC, replacement parts and tip toeing around for a while to discover what next to work on one of the things to adjust was the timing after making the adjustments the running of he car was much improved. I have a friend that says the timing chain needs to be checked out. The question is what would indicate a bad timing chain, since the adjustment things are like I said much improved. It does appear that a new water pump was installed by the previous owner and the spark plugs did indicate a hot operation for a period of time just how long do not know.

    The next question I have is when putting the car into reverse (automatic trans) the car jumps. I thought there was a problem with the rear end but I was told that if you put the car into neutral you should reach under the car and try to rotate the drive shaft. I did this and the drive shaft turns very little maybe a 1/4 inch and no more, the rear end fluid is good and is full.

    When I started to drive the car on the road the transmission would at times slam into 2nd gear but as I drove the car more and more the slamming became less and less but is still there if I get it going to quick. I was thinking that the car needs to be driven because of it sitting for so long. The transmission maybe seeing things it has not seen in a while and the bugs just need to be worked out. Yes the fluid is good and is full, I did install a new vacuum hose. It is a three speed transmision and you can tell when you hit second.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thank You 64 Comet

    The car is a 64 comet and I was able to work on it for only two months before putting it away for the winter, will be getting it out in late April and am preparing to begin work on it.

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