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    hi new to the site wanted to get some info i have a c2500 gmc 70k original had a meat head rebuild my block told him there was bearing noise on the crank needless to say he rebuilt my top end supposely and said the knock was the fuel pump.Pulled the motor and bought a gm goodwrench 350 and threw it in because ive done this stuff my whole life was just to busy to work on old motor.I find top dead center i align the distributor right on number one starts but just seems off and when i restart and advanced or retard its just not right when i restart without doing anything it sings a different tune everytime.What i did notice is that every time i set like a click before the number 1 i would notice if i turned the rotor it would hit exactly on the number one so is that my problem or is something up i know i have to set timing and all that but dont want to pay for stuff i can do.Any help would really save my ***. ty

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