Time to Re-Post My Clip on TC For the New Guys!

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    duke 46

    Yep just might get a new guy on here that does not know about it or and old procrastinator and wants to make life easy for himself and quit with the IR and the guessing and hoping it is done correct.

    Now it does help to have extra scrap metal around just in case you don’t have a good place to clip it to on the coated part and works like a charm

    I just did a couple of boat anchors and no place to clip because of the mass of the thickest part but I did have the magnet one that I had bought and had a heavy piece of cast so I used it to get my temperature reading so I would know that the thickest part did make it to temp and never had to open a door

    I bought the smaller one a few years back.

    Here is what I make. Click on the picture and it gives you the cost. I do send out instructions for the guys that want the switch so you know how to use it correct.
    http://www.pcitdad.com/Main.asp?pcid=47 … =Galleries

    And I can make the for use with an Ohm/volt/temperature reader or a portable one like this one.


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