TIG200 using torch switch and panel control issue

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    Finally got around to playing with my TIG200, all I can say is it works MUCH smoother and with better control than my old Miller boat anchor at work. (Dialarc HF)

    I could probably pull off the beer can trick with this one.

    Even on 110 it blows holes in stuff with gusto 😉 should be MORE than enough for 99% of the stuff I’ll need it for on 110.
    (I have a 220 feed but the car is a LONG way away from it, I have a 100′ 10 ga 110 extension…

    Minor issue—

    Tried to use the torch switch with the front panel switch set to “panel control” and it works for ~2 seconds then kicks off.
    Works fine using the footpedal, so I developed a technique to work it with my knee :rolleyes:
    Does it need a jumper plug, or perhaps something inside shook loose?

    Other than having to put some sleeving on the footpedal cables and fix the strain relief on all the control cables, so far no other issues.

    I’m of to get a fresh bottle of Argon…

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