Tig torch gets extremely hot

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    I have been welding pretty good with my TIG200. doing well with thin aluminum in lap joints and butt joints, But trying to weld the seam of 2 pieces of angle, the torch gets extremely hot. It is difficult to get the puddle started. And by the time the puddle gets started, the torch handle is extremely hot. To the point that the gas hose has melted twice. (customer service is sending me a new torch) I am welding 1/8″ 6061 square tubing. Using a 3/32 green tungsten. I have the machine and the foot pedal turned up all the way. Clearance effect has been set between 0 and -3 and doesnt help in any position. gas flow is 15 scfh.

    A question I have is this, Does the manufacturer of this machine offer a water cooled torch? I have looked at a WP-20 torch. It wont work with this unit because the water flows through the power cord. I have access to a cooling unit that just has a water in and out ports.

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